Carrying a Friend, April 2022

26 x 37 x 3.5 cm.

Kimekomi textile collage


Current and planned Expositions

Different Directions 3

Upcoming group exposition in September in Delft 


Amsterdam Joods Historische Museum- Joods Museum Junior

Permanent exposition for children in the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum

Drawing and Painting lessons



Currently guest teaching drawing and painting lessons

at Atelier Groeten van Marc in Amsterdam


New courses starting in Sept. 2024

at Cultuurcentrum Wherelant in Purmerend

Lessons are given in Dutch


Cursus Schilderen in Acryl, maandag ochtend en maandag middag

Aquarel Schildercursus op dinsdag middag

Teken en Schilderen cursus zamen met Pieter Schmits op woensdag ochtend 

Tekenen in Pastel cursus op vrijdag ochtend



In the Studio


Please feel free to make an appointment to visit my studio or to contact me if you are interested in purchasing an artwork.  You can follow the development of my work on Instagram and Facebook .