Currently on exposition in Cultuurcentrum Wherelant in Purmerend

The Powers That Be, 2022

Oil on linen, 95 x 125 cm

Current and planned Expositions


Kunst Achter de Bar  

Current expo at Cultuurhuis Wherelant, Purmerend

 Amsterdam Joods Historische Museum- Joods Museum Junior

Permanent exposition for children in the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum

Landelijke Atelierweekend

Coming up on 11 and 12 Nov  2023, open 11:00 to 18:00

Zamenhofstraat 108 unit 204, 1022 AG Amsterdam

Drawing and Painting lessons



Currently guest teaching drawing and painting lessons

at Atelier Groeten van Marc in Amsterdam


New courses starting in September

at Cultuurcentrum Wherelant in Purmerend

Lessons are given in Dutch


Mixed Media cursus op dinsdag ochtend

Aquarel Schildercursus op dinsdag middag

Teken en Schilderen cursus zamen met Pieter Schmits op woensdag ochtend 

Abstract Zien cursus op vrijdag ochtend

Abstract Schilderen inloop atelier speciale groupen 4 lessen in oct-nov op maandag ochtend

Abstract Zien workshop op 11 oct.


In the Studio



For the Mixed Media course starting in September students will be asked to bring any art supplies they have lying around and don't know what to do with.  So to prepare myself I am dusting off my old art supplies, like soft pastels, and putting them back into action.  Here is a work made with coloured pencil, watercolour and soft pastel. 

In the photo below you can see how badly my soft pastels needed cleaning and sorting.  Many of the small round ones were made by me by hand.  

And then I found some more pastels I had made by hand long ago...

While rummaging I came across a little bowl of titanium white pigment that I had once mixed with water and then let dry out.  I had some gum arabic that needed using so I made a batch of white watercolour/gouache paint.

I am excited to share my love for making paints and pastels with the students in the Mixed Media class!  


Please feel free to make an appointment to visit my studio or to contact me if you are interested in purchasing an artwork.  You can follow the development of my work on Instagram and Facebook .